About Us

Our company was established in 2003 and has been engaged in the interlining industry for 13 years. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience and excellent products.
Secondly. We have an independent factory. The factory is located in the beautiful City, Qidong Jiangsu Province. The factory has a total of 25 workers, all of and processed the German Karl Mayer precision knitting machine. The product has highly quality.
Our company's products include three major categories, including woven fusible interfacing, non-woven fusible interfacing and non fusible interfacing. Among them. And other various types of fabrics are also available. If you need your own customized product, we can also meet your needs.

Product Recommended

1. The fusible elastic interfacing is widely used and can be used for various clothing linings, such as lining, lining, suit lining, collar lining, coat lining, etc.
2. The quality of fusible elastic interfacing is superior to other types of fabrics. Fusible elastic interfacing has good quality, is not easy to wrinkle and waterproof.
3. The fusible elastic interfacing cloth must be high-temperature treated after being woven and then dusted. The most common types of sizing include PA and PES.
4. The main colors of fusible elastic interfacing include black, white and bleaching white.
5. The fusible elastic interfacing is mainly knitted to make the fabric more flexible.
6. The fusible elastic interfacing uses 100% polyester as the main raw material.

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