Clothing lining type
- May 08, 2018 -

1、Cotton lining The common cotton cloth is lined with two kinds of coarse cloth and fine cloth lining. They are all plain weave fabrics. There are two kinds of primary colors and bleach, which are low-grade lining cloths.

2. Hemp lining Hemp lining is a plain weave fabric made of hemp fiber, which has good stiffness and elasticity and is a lining for high-grade clothing. Most of the linen linings in the market are actually made by immersing cotton fabrics in appropriate amounts of resin gum and are the main lining for suits and coats.

3. Fleece lining Lining, also known as black carbon lining, is mostly dark gray and variegated. It is a plain weave fabric made of yak hair, wool, human hair blend or interweaving. The lining is stiff and elastic, and the styling performance is good. It is mostly used as an interlining for middle and high-end garments, such as suits for medium-thick fabrics, refusal linings for large-scale fabrics, breasts, etc.

4. Horsetail lining Horsetail lining is a plain weave fabric made of ponytail and wool intertwined. The surface of the horsetail is tan and white, and the density is sparse. The horsetail lining is excellent in elasticity, does not wrinkle, and can be pulled out of the design required shape in a crisp, hot and humid state, and is used as a chest lining for high-end clothing.

5, resin lining Resin lining is made of pure cotton cloth or polyester cotton cloth impregnated with resin glue and processed into interlining cloth, which is mostly bleached. This lining has high stiffness, good elasticity, small shrinkage, washable resistance, dimensional stability, and is not easily deformed. It is mostly used for the collar lining of shirts and shirts.