Fusible lining type
- May 08, 2018 -

The types of fusible interlinings are: cloth-based fusible interlining, non-woven fusible interlining, and double-sided fusible interlining

Fabric Fusible Interlining: Cloth-based fusible interlining is based on knitted or woven fabrics as the base fabric, and is often used in the main body or important position of clothing, such as body, collar, sleeves, etc. According to different needs, there are soft and hard points.

Non-woven adhesive lining: non-woven adhesive lining is a non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric) as the base fabric, the material is usually nylon, polyester, viscose fiber, etc.; relative to the price of the cloth adhesive lining is dominant, but The quality is undoubtedly slightly inferior. Non-woven linings are suitable for some corners, such as open pockets, buttonholes, etc. Non-woven linings also have thickness and thickness, and their thickness will be directly reflected in the position used, which is selected according to need.

Double-sided adhesive liners: Common double-sided adhesive liners such as flaps, also known as double-sided adhesives. It is usually used to stick and fix two pieces of cloth, for example, it can be used to stick the cloth on the background cloth when the cloth is applied, and the operation is very convenient. There is also a full roll of ribbon-shaped double-sided fusible interlining, which is very useful when crimping or piping.