Selection and use of clothing lining matters needing attention
- May 08, 2018 -

When selecting and using apparel linings, pay attention:

1. The performance of the lining matches the performance of the garment fabric. The performance here mainly refers to the color, unit weight and thickness of the lining, drape, etc. Such as flannel fabrics to use thick lining materials, and silk fabrics are used soft silk lining, knitted fabrics using elastic knitting (warp) lining cloth and so on.

2. Considering the requirements of garment styling and garment design, stiff linings are generally used in collars and waists, etc. The chest linings of the outer garments use thicker linings. Consider the use of clothing, such as some water-washed clothing should choose washable lining material, and consider the lining washing and ironing size stability. The cushion material, such as shoulder pads, must consider the shape retention to ensure that it does not deform during a certain period of use.