Shirt Origin
- May 08, 2018 -

Suits and shirts originated in Europe, and buttons used in shirts are inspired by the interspersed cufflinks in French shirts. Therefore, the style of dress shirts is basically based on French shirts, with beautiful French sleeves. Just based on the different dresses or dresses, collars and fronts may be different from the French tradition. The fabrics are mainly made of natural materials such as pure cotton and silk, and they are tailored to fit the body. There are linings in the collar and cuffs to maintain the smoothness. This is the same as the function of the dress and suit, emphasizing the modified body lines. Shirts used for gowns are generally white, and daily dress shirts are mostly white or light. Please pay attention to netizens: American shirts are influenced by the prevalence of American civilian culture. They are loose in style and do not pay attention to tailoring. They often use buttons to fix the collar. They are neither beautiful nor elegant, so they are more suitable for home shirts. The true upper class in the United States will not dress in an American shirt.