Super -resistance Wash Clean And Dry Clean Interlinings
- Jan 22, 2019 -

We have successful developed exclusive resistance wash clean and dry clean interlinings ,it is principle is increasing waterproof at hot melt adhesive,then reaction and obtain the new hot melt adhesive.It is greatest advantage is at wet state can extremely shows good water resistance and solvents resistance ,usually when hot melt adhesive meet water or other liquid interrupt ,As an ordinary hot melt adhesive bonding strength Will be obviously decreased ,under the running of  the washing equipment ,will be easy to come out debonding . But if use our new hot melt adhesive ,after meet the water interrupt will generate more polar factors can increasing the bonding strength ,
make the fabric and interlining fusing together permanently.

Products advantages :

1、Resistance water clean permanently


2、Resistance dry clean and will never change the appearance


3、Low iron temperature,also can protect the fabric


4、Environment friendly


5、Have a wide of usdage .

At the beginning ,the bonding strength will be a little low ,but will not effect to use .