Warp Lining Features And Uses
- May 08, 2018 -

1. The processing technology is simple, the organization of the base fabric is mostly used as the warp-knitted fabric for processing the interlining cloth, the structure is simple, and its organization is often woven by the warp yarns to crochet the weft-wise lining, and the efficiency of the booklet is low;

2, safety and environmental protection, warp lining does not require resin finishing does not contain formaldehyde, due to the short process, the process of pollution, so the warp lining can be called environmentally friendly interlining.

3. The raw material of warp-knitted lining is polyester filament or viscose rayon. It has good warp and drape, good elasticity in zonal direction, soft handfeel, strong randomness and adaptability to elastic fabric.

4. The excellent properties of warp-knitted fabrics make the fusible interlining styles processed by the warp-knitted fabrics vary in variety and can meet the needs of different textures and different styles of fabrics from light to thin, fully adapting to the various fusible interlinings of various fabrics and garments. This kind of requirement is widely used.