Microdot Interfacing Fabric

Microdot Interfacing Fabric

Fusible elastic interfacing have a simple processing technology, but they are very versatile. Fusible elastic interfacing are crocheted together by the warp yarns and then woven by the weft-wise lining method. Warp lining is characterized by softness, comfort and safety. In the process of processing, the process flow is short and there is little pollution. Because of its excellent processing characteristics, the Fusible elastic interfacing has a wide range of types, ranging from light to thin and heavy to meet the needs of customers for different fabrics.

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The water soluble non woven fabric is mostly used for the collar lining of foreign high-end casual men wear. The water soluble interlining. Generally requires 60 degrees of temperature to be water soluble. The water soluble interlining is characterized by its high moisture absorption and the best synthetic fiber known as "synthetic cotton". The water soluble non woven fabric product performance is relatively stable and will not cause any harm to the human body. The water soluble non woven fabric is ideal for non-washable fabrics. The water soluble non woven fabric is used to set off the fabric and improve the performance of clothing. The water soluble interlining is usually only one third of the quality of cotton, has a fluffy texture, and has a particularly good feel.



1.The water soluble non woven fabric is very suitable for fabrics that cannot be washed.

2.The water soluble non woven fabric is used to set off the fabric, improve the performance of clothing, and play a great role in the appearance of the clothing.

3.The water soluble interlining quality is usually only one-third of cotton, has a bulky, and feels very good.

4. The water soluble interlining The biggest feature is the large moisture absorption, the best synthetic fiber, known as "synthetic cotton."

5.The water soluble interlining promotes the styling of the garment, which can make up for the lack of fabric.

6.The water soluble interlining. Generally need 60 degrees high temperature to be soluble

Most foreign high-end casual men collars use the wash away interfacing.


1. Improve the drape of clothing and enhance the three-dimensional effect.

2. Prevent garment deformation and ensure a three-dimensional appearance.

3. To enhance the comfort of wearing clothing.

4. It has the function of moisture-proof and breathable.

5. A wide range of raw materials can be used to increase production.

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